Housing many shipyards that build them, Bozburun is the land of world famous gulets. It is also known for blue cruise holidays. Additionally, home to many shipyards, most of the blue cruise yachts winter in here. Bozburun is at the southwest end of Marmaris. Although it is a small place, there are many beautiful coves worth visiting. You can take a blue cruise in this magnificent area. Its unique sea is a combination of both Aegean and Mediterranean. Most of the coves are closed to land development and preserved their natural beauty to this day. We've listed the most beautiful destinations for Bozburun gulet charter:

1) Bozburun Town Center
With a population of 2,500 people, the town center of Bozburun is small and pleasant. Enjoy 20 minutes long walk from the town center. Bozburun, a small fishing town, impresses its visitors with the magnificent sea, unique nature and warm people. We recommend you to take a blue cruise in Bozburun and enjoy its genuine and peaceful atmosphere.

2) Orhaniye
Located in the Gulf of Hisarönü, and only 25 kilometers away from Bozburun, Orhaniye is an Ancient Greek village. Mesmerizing visitors with flawless nature. You can also include various locations such as Dişlice Island, İnbükü, and Selimiye in your vicinity during your Bozburun blue cruise holiday. If you happen to visit Orhaniye on Saturday, we highly recommend you to visit the organic food market.

3) Kızkumu
Located near Orhaniye, Kızkumu is a breathtaking place. As for the village, you can see people walking on the sea. The shallowness that starts from land and divides the cove in two is poetic. Red sands and the unique landscape is one of a kind. Since Kızkumu is very popular, it takes about 3 hours to get there. When you walk into the sea, we advise you to wear rubber shoes to prevent sand particles from sticking to your feet. If you visit this cove towards the sunset, you can capture unique photos.
4) Hisarönü
Located 45 minutes from Bozburun, Hisarönü has a unique nature. It has a crystal clear sea. It is a preferred location for those with asthma and thalassemia because of its clean air. Hisarönü is also attractive for those who want to participate in water sports. Additionally, sailing is very common due to the warm winds blowing in the summer months. We recommend you to visit this magnificent region with a gulet during the Bozburun blue cruise.

5) Bozukkale
Bozukkale is one of the most beautiful destinations of Bozburun. Located in the southwest of Bozburun, the region is popular with its nature and history. It is a magnificent location for yacht tourism due to its protection from the wind. Home to the ancient city of Loryma, the region dates back to the 7th century B.C. You can go ashore, visit the historical remains and swim in the clear sea. Enjoy a pleasant holiday with gulet charter in Bozburun.

6) Selimiye
Became popular recently, Selimiye is one of the top destinations of the Bozburun blue cruise. 15-25 minutes walking distance away from Bozburun, this calm area is one of the quietest coves in the Gulf of Hisarönü. Selimiye, prized for its beautiful sea and delicious seafood, is one of the main destinations of Bozburun yacht charters. You can also visit other places in the vicinity, such as Kamelya Island, Bencik Cove, Love Island, and Rabbit Island.

7) Söğüt
Söğüt is 30 minutes away from Bozburun and is the point of merger of Aegean and Mediterranean. Located within the Gulf of Söbeki, Söğüt offers a natural habitat. Not only with its natural beauties but also with its history; the town is home to Thyssanos Antique City. During Bozburun yacht charter, we recommend you to add Söğütü to your route. You can also make a trip to the ancient city of Thyssanos. Söğüt is near Symi Island. Therefore, if you have the necessary travel documents, we also recommend you to visit this charming and boutique Greek Island.

Additional information
How to reach Bozburun?
Getting to Bozburun is easy. If you want to arrive by land, you can reach Bozburun through the roads that lead to Datça. If you are traveling by plane, you can use the transportation services from Dalaman Airport.

Why should I go on a Bozburun blue cruise?
If you are bored with the constant chaos of city life or tired of everyday work, then Bozburun yacht holiday is for you! You can forget all your stress within the calm and peace. With its serene coves, glassy sea and the small fishing towns where you can witness every harmony of blue and green, Bozburun will warm your heart. Click here if you want to know more about Bozburun routes.

What type of yacht should I choose for Bozburun blue cruise?
Bozburun is a region where the production of traditional wooden gulets takes place. You can have an unforgettable blue cruise in Bozburun by choosing its native gulets. If you want to browse the Bozburun's gulets, you can click here.

What can I eat in Bozburun?
You can make your shopping to your yacht according to your tastes. However, Bozburun is a small fishing town where you can experience a variety of seafood. If you wish, you can fish, cook them on the yacht and eat the freshest and most delicious fish. However, you can find many organic foods in Bozburun, which has a natural habitat.

Bozburun, famous for fishing and its wooden gulets, is among the favorite routes for a blue cruise holiday. This summer you too can visit Bozburun to get a deep breath and feel the peace in these magnificent coves by visiting our website at https://www.viravira.co/en or contact us at +90 850 433 90 70.